Why I am still working on Objective-C?

Recently, I have updated this old control with improvements, fixes and code refactoring. Generally everything is same but to make this line a bit long I am adding these words. That’s fine. But the main question is why I needed to update it? This was written as HHPageController back in 2013, an alternative of UIPageControl in iOS. This was my first control which I submitted over CocoaControls for the iOS community but sadly it was rejected with the reason that its name sounds like a controller but actually its created by subclassing UIView. So when I decided to update this control, I renamed it to HHPageView. This is pretty nice now and add respect to super class.

So again, after this many years to check how much I am still comfortable, accurate with the Objective-C and thus to improve my very first class, I have updated it. And with a smile, now it is approved by CocoaControlsthank you!

I may like to improve in future and might like to create another control in Objective-C.

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